: Imagine hyper-intelligent aliens decided to take humans as pets  ( 419 )

Bob Boblo

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Would you be one?
: kcirp
: markfish7
Hey, I'm new, whats bob boblo's House?
its a collection of autistic homosexuals

Prof Moriarty

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I think this is more a question for Diakun.
Atticus Sand, Lord of Last Post Wins
: Emergy
Bit closer than I thought It would be thus far. Moriarty syphoning votes off in the all important goat demographic.
: Butjam
I voted for you, but you got a resounding chorus of 'not sure if srs' from everyone else....


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Do I get to be one of those pets that are treated like Gods, or a shitty pet?
Zaphod: "LongShotzZ is slightly better than mediocre."
Sir Rex: "You know you're in deep shit when you have to ask LongShotzZ to bail you out!"
Mwcerberus: "If I had to pick between fighting 50 duck-sized LongShotzZ's or 1 horse-sized LongShotzZ I think I'd have to get my gun and kill all 51."

Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar

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Not by choice, unless it was like a job where I could have time off.
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im used to being a pet, you get to laze around and everything you need. wats not to love
Nymeus - 5:56 PM
I've got a picture of diakun and his dick
he can easily make people ashamed of how small they are, cause his is big
need to know anything else?


So long as I get to shag their leg


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