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Rules for #eUK IRC
« on: August 18, 2014, 04:33:17 pm »
The #euk IRC channel is for the benefit of the whole community. We therefore have a set of rules which apply to all users so that everyone is able to use it in a reasonable and decent environment:

- No NSFW content (such as pornography). We have no control over the age or situation that the channel users may have, so it will not be tolerated.

- Be respectful to other people and do not troll/flame/harass/etc. If you have a grievance with someone it should not be taken into #euk.

- Do not spam/flood. The bot will automatically kick but so will we (with bans if necessary).

- Please only use English in the channel. We are an English-speaking community and anything other than minor use of other languages should be done in PM or other channels.

- No account dealings or encouragement for anything that breaks the rules of eRepublik.

- Do not advertise clone browser games of eRepublik. It should be done elsewhere.

- Do not start arguments with operators about the rules or a judgement. It does you no favours and we will be more than happy to discuss grievances in private or on the forum.

The eUK Forum Staff reserves ownership of the #eUK channel and the right to amend these rules at any time
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