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The eLife Journal
« on: December 20, 2012, 05:10:23 pm »

Dear eUK
am just planning to start an eNews paper over eRep Game, and above is my Demo Header (under test run), so for this event you all eUK citizen are very much welcome to join the Launch Party over here on this forum under this same thread. The name I planned for my ePaper is : “The eLife Journal”  

Why eLife Journal ? as because it will mainly cover the eLife of eRep citizen so “eLife” the word is very much appropriate and “Journal” for lates updates news and views. Yes this will be the the ePaper which will be published at every 10 days, (first 7 days for preparation and second 3 days for editing and final touching.) It will be above all Social, Economic and Political attitude. It's Open for EVERYONE. :D

Who will Read and who will write? Yes that’s the question, I couldn’t point you out exactly who and who will read this but I hope some people will sure love this fresh ePaper after every 10 days, 3 times in a month. Most of the part will be covered by various writers – who will open their ePen’s lid for ePolitics, eSocity, eWar and Battle and I will arrange firm fresh entertainments, quiz, contest, and there will be a section where you can place your ads, any ads related to eRep or your real life business, (for more details about your advertising please PM me or send me msg over game) And the hottest part of this ePaper is there will an Exclusive Interview in each edition upon legendary eUk faces, they will tell you some thing untold and for the first time they will meet you face to face over “the eLife Journal”.

How you can Help ? There are many ways you can help “the eLife Journal”, you can be our Reporter – we will give you some duty to collect or prepare some news for our upcoming editions, You can be the permanent columnist – just pick up a fixed or versatile topic and write your mind over there. You can donate some gold or ePound so that we can emit our barriers, You can submit cartoons creations and latest eRepublik social, economic, political news and views over there.

Any Vacancies? Yes as I said in pervious paragraph, We are hiring Probationary Reporter for “the eLife Journal”. We will give you upto 20 ePound for each completed assignment. And There will be some fixed posts also. For More details about the Job Post your eName + eRep profile link tell me something about yourself so that I can define who you are. You can send me PM, in game message for Reporter Job.

So that’s it. Stay tuned “the eLife Journal” will be launched it’s first edition at 25 December (unless the world gonna doom). Well, have a happy Holiday season. Have fun stay fine and Big hug to all of you.
Your comments, advice, tips and helps are highly welcome/appreciable over here.

Prof Moriarty

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Re: The eLife Journal
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eGood eLuck.
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Re: The eLife Journal
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@ Prof Moriarty
Thank you so Much

And here comes the 1st (early) edition of the eLife Journal :

In this edition, we covered several sections and most vital two sections are "Face of the edition" and "Letter form ePresident" we know our present CP is Mr. BigAnt, so we requested to write something for our readers and we supplied him some model questions..Don't miss this exclusive politically hot interview..first time over eRep only on "the elife journal"
In his interview Present eUK President Mr.BigAnt told us
by BigAnt
........We have seen change of top of the political scene with UKPP passing TUP. Not to mention we have also seen an famous old party drop from the top 5 (UKRP). I would expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future as players choose what political goals they wish to .........

Well do you guys from UKRP or other eUK party - agreed with this quote?
Post your opinion over ::>> HERE
Another Section :----------
When we meet our "face of the edition" we asked him
You as an ePolitician, if you be the Country President for next full term, then what thing / things you gonna change / reform and tell us why people will give their valuable vote to you?, He Replied :
.......Just to keep everyone from fear, I won’t be running for CP anytime soon, so you can stop your panic attacks xD Not wanting to give all my ideas away, but if I were to be Country President next term then I’d like to create a ....... by Ayame Crocodile
Do you wanna read what he exposed us about Running a CP? to get full cover story please visit : "the elife journal"
to read the entire ePaper please visit this game link  : By Clicking HERE

Many prizes also included for all of you :)
Enjoy and have a happy Holiday
Merry Christmas to all of you  :D