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My response to Iain Keers (because he locked the topic)
« on: February 17, 2010, 09:56:52 pm »
Quote from: "Iain Keers"
I booted you from the channel because you did actually say something on the lines of "who cares?" when I mentioned the mass murder in Iraq, after previously stating you were against the war due to the number of soldiers who had died. IMO that means that you don't care about non-American lives.

According to my logs, you told me about someone you met who was gassed by Saddam as a little boy (which is dubious because he'd likely be dead). I did say "So what," and proceeded to bring up Sudan and Saudi Arabia. I get a lot of shit over here for my opinion on these RL matters. It was precisely your pigeonholing and use of selective sympathy that allowed conservatives here in the States to pigeonhole any liberal (like myself) as someone who thought "Iraqis don't deserve freedom." My country allows Saudi Arabia (#1 in human rights violations) to continue being evil toward its people because of oil. My country allows Sudan to continue slaughtering families because we don't want to hinder relations with their principal backer, China.

You claim to be "Liberal #1," but you have no problem using the same broken rhetoric that George W. Bush and his Neo-con cronies used to get us into this disaster.

See above where you called us a bunch of useless faggots who would have lost WW2 if you hadn't bailed us out. Tbh, my only response to that is "GTFO amerifag". I think your comment about how we'd be sucking German Dick particularly inadvised as opening comments shortly before joining our country.

I never used the word "faggot." I did, however, remind you that without our successful invasion of Normandy, the Nazis would have marched through London. That's fact, I don't care how blind you are to it because of your patriotism.

I do support the Iraq war, and I do think that soldiers should be deployed to fight for our values. After all, if you say "Democracy is the most important thing, but its not worth fighting for abroad" you're essentially saying they don't deserve the same level of rights as you do.

I don't believe that soldiers should be deployed to fight for "values." That's ridiculous talk from a clearly-closeted conservative. And, I'm sick of my country being World Police!! Why is it we have to spearhead every goddamn large military campaign in the world?!

You do realise that you're slagging off the UK to the UK right?

I'm slagging off to YOU Iain. You sure must have a big head to think that YOU'RE the UK.

Hey mate, I never mentioned WW2, you were the one who made the leap of faith from me criticising President Fail O'Bama for being a useless indecisive turd presiding over a country with no basic healthcare coverage and an education system which ranks as third world to WW2. It was you who started saying our armed forces are rubbish, and that our families, who died to keep freedom in Europe alive whilst the US dwelled in glorious isolation, were basically cowards. And yeh it was you who said that we would have lost the war if you Amerifags hadn't saved us.

You STILL resort to personal slander!

President Obama is currently breaking his back on health care. You have no idea how our system works. He's the closest any President has ever been to getting it finally passed. Your criticism on that matter is frankly just... odd.

As to the WWII discussion... it all devolved into that because you decided to blatantly criticize my President when it was uncalled-for. I wasn't openly praising Obama on IRC. You just decided to be an unwarranted prick and I like to fight fire with fire.

As to the rest... I think you're disgusting to support the Iraq War and I will always hold Tony Blair secondarily-responsible for said war. I never demeaned the lives lost on your side. You were the one who demeaned our involvement (which, if I'm to use your measuring stick, means you also demeaned the lives lost on our side).

When it comes to World War II, the countries that were responsible for defeating the Axis were:

1. The United States
2. The Soviet Union
3. The United Kingdom

In that order.

Do you honestly believe that if we hadn't gotten involved, you would have beaten the Nazis? Are you for real???

(only a coward would abuse his power and lock the topic before the person he is unjustly attacking can respond, defending himself and setting the record straight)

With all that said, I'm done arguing about RL with you Iain. I'll expect more admin abuse from you; if just one person reads this before you delete it, I'll be happy. You're petty as hell.
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Re: My response to Iain Keers (because he locked the topic)
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2010, 09:59:25 pm »
Actually I locked the topic. :|

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