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[UKGov]Your first day in eRepublik
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You may be eager to experience everything that the New World has to offer but it takes two months to unlock all of the game's features.

"OH NO!"

But don’t let the initial excitement you had signing up turn into confusion and frustration, stick with it and one day you could rise up to be a mogul of a multinational business empire, the commander of our nation’s troops or even a country president.

“All those boxes! Where do I start?”

When you are presented with the homepage for the first time, it can be a daunting sight, but fear not.

On the left, under your name and, for now, blank avatar, there is a little ring bound “Missions” pad. These are one-off boosts to your citizen’s statistics and will lead you through some of the intricacies of the New World.

The first five are tutorial missions, but to begin with you will see three icons, clicking on any of them will inform you of what you need to do in order to complete them. Once you have done so, just click on them and accept the reward.

Working and Training

These are the staple actions of any citizen, be they level one or King Woldy himself.

To work, you of course need a job, these can be found in the Job Market under the Markets tab at the top of your screen.

You will only be able to accept a job in the skill level 1, “Apprentice”, category, but there will be a range of offers.

Now you may be thinking... “What’s with the stars?”

Well the companies with more stars produce higher quality goods, and the workers in those companies loose more health each time they work. For now that’s all you have to worry about, it’s best to start in a 1 star (Q1) company which will cost you 1 Health Point (HP) but will gain you experience in both level and work skill as well as make you some money.

Now to do your work for the day, you have to go to the company you’re employed with, using the “Daily Tasks” box on the home page, and select a booster, for now just choose the free “Single Espresso” booster and “Start working”.

Now you will see the product of your toils, the higher your health, up to 100 HP, the better you will perform and more product you will make. So it’s best to have a hearty breakfast before you work.

After work it’s off to the “Training Grounds”, again select the free “Army Boots” booster and “Start training

This will cost you another 1 Health Point, but make you a stronger.

You can now accept your daily “Reward”, a small boost you can receive daily for completing these two actions.

Have a hearty lunch of Q1 food to replenish your health and ready yourself for:

The Next Step

Having worked, trained, and accepted the tutorial rewards, you will now be level 3 and able to fight. Not bad for a day’s work (and training).

You do this by clicking the “Fight” button next to a battle under “Military Campaigns” on the homepage, and clicking the big, red “Fight” button on the page that loads after that.

But wait! Before you run off looking to pick a fight with anyone you can, you may want to do some good, or at least not be tricked into fighting someone who’s not there.

How fighting works will be brought up in a later article but the Ministry of Defence (MoD) publishes articles in its newspaper with “orders” for the general public, letting YOU know where the damage you can do would be most effective. So make sure subscribe and make every hit count as best it can for King and Country.

You may also have noticed by now “Mission 5: Offense is the best defense”. Now you can fight unarmed/bare fisted, but a weapon makes you an even more effective killing machine. Of course they cost and you will need enough money to buy the food you need to stay alive as each punch you throw/time you fire knocks down your health by 10.

So to stay healthy (and employed) you will need 5 Q1 food for every time you fight, which can be three or more times for every enemy you choose to fight, and you will probably only have 1 left from completing “Mission 2: Food is scarce” so stock up to stave off starvation at:

The Marketplace

To get there just use the link under the “Market” menu.

Select the product you want to buy e.g. Food, then the quality product you want to buy. The more ornate the picture, the higher quality so more effective it is, but the more it will cost, so stick to the plainest pictures for now.

Clicking this will provide you with all the offers for that type, and the top result will be the cheapest. Just type in the number you want in the quantity box and then “Buy” them. Erepublik will be quick enough to tell you if you’ve not got the money or are trying to buy too many.

Buy enough to get yourself as close to 100 health as you can afford, up to 300 health, before day change, 00:00 erep time. This will take 5 health from you which you will have to overcome with tomorrow’s breakfast before work.

To have your dinner just click the “Eat” button under your health monitor on the left under the “Missions” notepad. This will automatically consume as much food as it can until your health gets as close to 100 health without wasting part of your food.

“Is that it?”

You may have fulfilled everything you can do until tomorrow, but by no means is the eUK closed!

The official eUK forums are not only where most of the major decisions are made for the various political parties, the Houses of Commons and the Military, but where the peoples of the eUK socialise by playing forum games, holding discussions or making fun however they choose via posts or in real-time on the official IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room, which we shall cover in another article, and learn by interacting with citizens more knowledgeable than themselves.

So come, unwind with a nice cup of tea and your fellow friendly eBrits before bed.

MoHA Apprentice

MoHA guy

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