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Forum Rules
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These are the forum rules which must be followed by all members on the forums. By using the forums you agree to these rules. If you have any issue with the rules, please contact an admin.

Admins/Moderators will use their own judgement and discretion when applying forum rules. Remember, the best way to avoid getting infraction points is to follow the rules.

Rules which apply to all forums

    Multiple accounts will be permanently banned and information passed on to eRepublik admins.
    Posts containing nudity, pornography, offensive images or copyrighted content IN ANY FORM is not tolerated and may result in a permanent ban.
    Racist/homophobic/adult insults are not appropriate and will result in infraction points being added to your profile (playground insults may or may not result in infractions depending on the context).
    Jokes about dead forum members or forum member's family are not permitted.
    The publishing of other people's private and/or personal information, including reproducing photos, without consent will be investigated and may result in a permanent ban.
    The report function must be used in order to report a clear breach of the forum rules. Its use for any other purpose will result in infraction points being added to your profile.
    If you see something that needs bringing to a moderator's attention either use the report function or contact a moderator/admin. Do not make posts/threads asking for forum staff to take action.
    Threads/posts criticising forum staff's work on the forums will likely be locked. If you are unhappy with a staff member's work then please contact their superior (including links to relevant posts/threads). This does not include constructive discussion of forum policy.
    Bad language may be edited out of posts by the moderator team. If you repeatedly use bad language you may be lightly punished.

Rules which apply to publicly viewable forums

    Posts may contain mild language, however excessive swearing is not permitted
    Posts should be on topic/relevant and not contain advertising (unless the specific forum rules allow)
    Posts may contain images, etc - BUT, must be relevant and remember this is not 4chan!
    Posts insulting other members of the forums are not permitted, all other members of the forums must be respected.
    Topic titles should be relevant or risk the chance of being edited.
    Topics should be placed in relevant forums and have sensible descriptive titles or risk moderation
    Double posting is not allowed. If you have anything to add after your previous message then edit your post.
    Necroing of old posts is not permitted unless it adds to the thread
    Posts may not contain excessive use of colours, smileys, bold text or large fonts.

Rules which apply to the use of the private messaging system

    PM's may not be used to insult/abuse any members, such reports will be investigated and will result in infraction points being added to your user profile.
    PM's may not be used for advertising or recruitment purposes

Rules which apply to private sub-forums

    Private sub-forums are to remain private, all leaks will be investigated, and may result in permanent bans. This includes passing on leaked posts.
    Private sub-forums are moderated by their creators/assigned people, these moderators are not full forum moderators, and must ensure the private sub-forums follow the general forum rules. Global moderators/admins may also moderate in any private forum they have access to.
    Do not mess with user group names or colours.
    Rules which apply to avatars and signatures members use on the board
    Avatars and signatures must be in accordance with the general forum rules
    Avatars must be in accordance with the rules shown on the avatar upload page
    Signatures may not contain excessive use of colours or large fonts.
    Signatures must not be distracting (see above).
    Signatures must not be used for referral links or advertising of games. These may be accepted as posts in the off-topic gaming forums at admin/mod discretion.

Ban Trigger Points

    Admins/Moderators will try and correct a post, for example posted in the wrong forum.
    Rule breaking may result in warning percentages being handed out in increments of 5%
    A user's warning level will decay at the rate of 1% a day
    Any user on a warning level of 20% or higher will have their posts moderated until such time as their warning level decays. Moderating posts will not appear until a Moderator or Administrator approve them manually.
    Any user on a warning level of 60% or higher will be banned until such time as their warning level decays.


    If you feel you have been unfairly punished. Contact a moderator/admin in PM. A friendly chat with moderators/admins will often reverse any punishment if you are not a repeat offender.
    If you are unhappy with forum policy, make a constructive thread in the 'Suggestions' forum. Don't use this thread to then criticise forum staff directly unless using a constructive example of where the policy is failing.

Anything else to note

    If you have a problem with an admin please contact Kumnaa (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->).
    When reporting an administrator please make sure to include links to relevant posts. '<admin> is rubbish, replace them' is not helpful.
    Decisions made by Kumnaa are final, even if they are not in accordance with the rules listed above.
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