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eArgentina Embassy
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Our cabinet:

President: KratoSL
Vice CP: Suleta
Chieff of Cabinet: Remjjz

Ministry of Defence
MoDs: juan manuel rodriguez MDQ - Maguilla
Assistant: eltinchosss
Deputies: Revancha, Muri19, rockanrollnene, julioeze123, Severino Digiovanni, scukacs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MoFA: John Locked
CoMoFA: Brendam - josacho
Embassies and ACAE: Lagui - JuaniCR - Tenshou
MoI: Scipivs - Avochdar - Gee Tee

Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure
Minister of Economy: Cataratas
Minister of infraestructure: ivan gonzalo vratnik
Assistant: Pablo Zaiko - Rotow - rosanganth -juanado

Minister of Social Welfare and Education: Luznodamas / Dellacqua - aaatuvieja
Education Team:elrepachi - Razhiel23 - Charlie Ramone
Plan Generales: Ozzy ozz
MU from the Argentina School: La leyenda - Pcmartin
Universal Soldier Plan: Santiagolp - Elver Gamota

Ministry of Diffusion
Ministers: Ordejex - Leif Eiriksson
Assistant: osvaldomagno

Ministry of Leisure
Assistant: blandengue

Ministry of Petez
Minister: Juanpimarenco

IRC Channels: #eArgentina - #mofa.arg


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Re: eArgentina Embassy
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Re: eArgentina Embassy
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