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January 2013 - UK Government
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Hello there,
This thread will feature the UK's cabinet for this month (January 2013). It will be used as a reference for foreign diplomats, our own diplomats and citizens.


President: BigAnt

Vice Presidents: Ayame Crocodile and Richard Feist

Ministers of Defence: Garth Lidlington and FragUK
- Deputy Ministers of Defence: Count Drakula and Dan/naD Wilshire
Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Jimbojoy and Thomas765
- Head of Ambassadors: Sir Nick Griffin
Ministers of Home Affairs Dr Hugh Jardon, Joshua Whelan and GameChanger
- Deputy MoHA: Cptchazbeard and Physo Starmik
Minister of Finance: Carlini8
Minister of Legislative Affairs: Sage Goku
Minister of Health: Jimbobfrey
- Deputy Minister of Health: Meghan


Public UK channel: #euk
Foreign affairs channel: #eukfa


All requests for citizenship of the UK go through the citizenship committee. Post all applications for citizenship in the Citizenship Applications forum or contact a member of the committee in-game.

Citizenship Committee: Nebojsa.petrovic, Dr Hugh Jardon, 5butjam, Gucio16, Lord Lewis Cromwell


If you wish to contact anyone in the UK government, the CP and the MoFA should be around on a regular basis.