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eAlbania Embassy
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:31:59 am »
Dear citizens of eUnited Kingdom,
I've got the great honour to open the new Embassy of eAlbania and to introduce myself as ArnoldDjin and the delegated ambassador of eAlbania in eUnited Kingdom.
Please feel free to ask questions or to leave comments. Now I would like to introduce the eAlbanian Government:
President(CP): Labern
Vice President: iPanch0
Prime Minister: festimbeqa
Minister of Defence: Napoleon 54
Minister of Interior Affairs: A E N E A S
Minister of Foreign Affairs: GameOverzz
Minister of Education: Dejzii94
Minister of Immigration: armandshala
Governor: Albania Killer 2
Secretary of State: Kris Hasa

I hope for good collaboration and friendship between eAlbania and eUnited Kingdom.
Sincerely yours
-Ambassador of eAlbania in eUnited Kingdom


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Re: eAlbania Embassy
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Re: eAlbania Embassy
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Hi :)


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Re: eAlbania Embassy
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I appreciate your hospitality mates,i will work to be friends together...this is my newspaper or like it will be for this month the Embassy of eAlbania in eUK: eAlbania Embassy in eUnited Kingdom


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Baby Boom
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2013, 03:09:31 pm »

Dear citizens of the eUK.

The Albanian government has been preparing a Baby boom for more than a month now. Finally the moment of realizing this project has come.
We`re expecting a large number of babies to be born in the upcoming days.
Of course if we want this Baby Boom to be quite successful and prevent these babies from dying , we need to feed them.
Since we`re expecting to have a high living rate,we need a big fund.
A lot of our players have donated gold and currency but we know that won`t be enough to feed the babies for a long time.

So in the name of Ministry of Education I`m kindly asking you to donate as much as you want/can for the Albanian babies Here
could be anything food , tanks , currency etc.

Let`s feed our babies!
Thanks a lot!

PS: I`ll make every donation public in this article Baby Boom.


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Re: eAlbania Embassy
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