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Author Topic: A Better New Religion Springs Up!  (Read 683 times)


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A Better New Religion Springs Up!
« on: July 16, 2013, 03:26:06 pm »
Hey there! As you may have noticed Sir Rex has started blurting out a load of nonsense about a new religion based off of the "Mighty Worms" group, I don't agree with his ideas and therefore I have also decided to form a new religious cult dubbed "The Templars of the Night Wolf". The templars pay tribute to the Night Wolf through various sacrificial and pilgrimage based events held throughout the sacred lands of the Night Wolf. The Night Wolf NEEDS YOU to start spreading the word and building temples to help convert the population of the eUK server so that everyone may follow the ONLY TRUE RELIGION that there is! As an honorary member of "The Templars of the Night Wolf" you will get the following priviledges and item bonuses:

1. A full set of templar armour accompanied by your own custom sword to help defend the lands of the Night Wolf.
2. Free access to all of the Night Wolf library archives that detail the majority of the servers history (and some of its deepest secrets).
3. Unlimited usage of all Night Wolf temple facilities such as; the gymnasium, enchanting room, potions lab & many more!
4. A blessing from the Night Wolf that lasts until the end of time itself giving you protection from the worst of foes.
5. The right to call yourself a "Templar of the Night Wolf" and maybe even a "Master Templar of the Night Wolf" one day! ;)

Sign up today and prepare for a religious crusade against the Might Wormists to help reclaim sacred land that was taken from us, unrighteously, so very long ago!
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Re: A Better New Religion Springs Up!
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2013, 05:40:40 pm »
I like where this is going xD
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