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The Minecraft Awards Results!
« on: August 02, 2013, 04:58:15 pm »
So, after receiving 14 -accepted- replies to the nominations form the votes have been tallied and we're going to go through the list in reverse order! Any self-votes have been removed (apart from those for "Worst PVP'er") and some people abstained from voting meaning not all categories will have the full 14 in the result.

Best Admin:
1st Place - Bask (12 votes)
2nd Place - LongShotzZ (1 vote)

Worst PVP'er:
1st Place - Cotton (4 votes)
2nd Place - Rex (3 votes)
3rd Place - Cyg, Cyborch, ApronChef & Mitte (1 vote each)

Friendliest Player:
1st Place - Mitte (5 votes)
2nd Place - ACroc (2 votes)
3rd Place - Appleby, Cotton, BlackEnvy, Teppishc, Diakun & Gav (1 vote each)

Best Builder:
1st Place - ApronChef (5 votes)
2nd Place - Mitte (3 votes)
3rd Place - Rory (2 votes)
4th Place - Diakun & Appleby (1 vote each)

Best PVP'er:
1st Place - Huate & Rory (3 votes each)
2nd Place - Woldy, LongShotzZ, Diakun & ACroc (1 vote each)

Here it is, time for the big one... the award for the "Best Player" goes to...


1st Place - Spygon (3 votes)
2nd Place - Garth & Mitte (2 votes each)
3rd Place - Rory, ACroc, Rodney & Tepp (1 vote each)

And just so some people don't feel left out here are the list of special awards:

Richest Player - Mittekemuis
Most Suicidal Player - Teppishc
Least Responsible Sibling - Carlini
Constantly Amusing Deaths - Rex
Worst Assassin - Spygon
Best Thief - Diakun
Most Optimistic Projects - Rodney
Most Interesting/Varied Builder - Garth

Thanks guys, commiserations to those who didn't win but came close. There shall be another set of awards in a few months time, but until then!
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