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October-November Congress
« on: October 27, 2013, 11:11:19 pm »
Hi guys, I said I was gonna' update the congress group and awards tonight but after logging into erep and finding this.....

...that might not happen. If anybody has a list, please send it to me so I can get stuff sorted out!

On the bright side, I've set up the new congress public board and I'll be PM'ing all MP's (when I know who they are) to let them know about it and will hopefully produce an article on it too, provided I have time whilst doing my Uni work. The aim for this is to let congress discuss non-sensitive topics in the eyes of the public. To do this, the only people that can post are congress, cabinet and CP members. These members can also create polls and vote in them. The public can view these polls, but not vote.

In the future I'll be looking at tune-ups to this board if it's used, namely "Should the CP and Cabinet have posting and voting access to the board?" and "Should members of the public be able to create a topic?". There is a function which would allow ordinary users to create a topic that is posted after approval by a moderator. This could be used for concerned citizens to raise an issue before Parliament for them to discuss!

I hope you like the changes, apologies for the delay in congress updates
Butjam xxx

EDIT: Ta to Jamie and Tialys for pointing me to the right article to find the members, membergroup and awards updated! About to spam a pm now...
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