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Hi All
« on: March 11, 2014, 08:54:17 am »
Hi eUK,

After some login issues with the forum i finally was able to log in to the forum. (thanx Butjam for that).

A short introduction.

I've been a longtime eBelgian, eBorn in januari 2010.
I've had the honor to have been a close disciple of Aldous Zamiatin, who taught me most of what I know of eRep to this day.

I served in multiple governments as MoEc, MoF and was 2 times PP of Res Belgica.
Also, in the good time of the organisations, I was responsible for the health care program of Res Belgica, giving food to starting citizens.

After a while I got tired of the personal vendetta's and backed out of the political scene, basically to become a 2 clicking BNA soldier.

As the 'PTO' threath kept coming on and of, with not knowing who was right or wrong, I decided i outgrew eBelgium, and it was time for a new step.

Thanx to eUK for accepting me here.

I'll try to read a lot of the forum to be up to date, and after that I'll decide which party I will follow.

Any suggestions are welcome.

If You have any further questions, Shoot!

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Re: Hi All
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Re: Hi All
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Helviro  :lol:

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