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Union Wholesale Shop <Work in progress>
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:46:38 pm »
The Union Dollar

Welcome to Union Wholesale, a new shop which has opened on the Minecraft Server. As Union Wholesale is based in the fictional nation of the Union, it uses something called the Union Dollar (U$).

The Union Dollar represents the currency used to buy things from the shop, and also the currency you receive for selling things to the shop.

For example:

Sell item A to the shop for U$10, your “wallet” has U$10

You can then buy item B for U$8. You will be provided with item B, and have $2 change.

I stole most of the prices off someone who sat and worked out the value mathematically. Some of them look a bit weird but I can’t be bothered to adjust anything so whatever.

The shop charges slightly more to sell an item to you than you get from selling the same thing to the shop. That’s how I get compensated for stuff.

Buying and Selling

As a rule, you can sell more common products to the shop, and you can buy rarer products back, especially finished products. The shop itself doesn’t have anything valuable in it, that’s all kept in the Citadel itself. So if you’re interested in buying something, post in this thread and I’ll have it put “in stock” for you next time I’m online. If you’re selling, you can just dump the item into the chests in the rear of the shop (and obviously tell me you've done so)

As for what is for sale, and what I want to buy from you, that varies over time. However there are always some things the Union wants which most of you have in huge quantities (unless you also favour huge castles) as a side effect of mining or whatever.

You can dump that stuff on us and in return we can provide you with enchanted equipment/armour, potions, rarer items and blocks, dyes, glass, nether shit and redstone gear. You can also buy wholesale stuff, provided we have it.

Price list

Buying from the shop

Selling to the shop: Will be added as soon as I feel bored enough to do so
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