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Ban Goku
« on: July 02, 2014, 05:30:11 pm »
Vote for the Prof!

Prof is the best choice for this election, if you don't want a serious wanker on our little throne.
And even if he's shite, we'll probably have a lot of laughs on the way there.

This is probably my best backing yet.


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Re: Ban Goku
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Nymeus - 5:56 PM
I've got a picture of diakun and his dick
he can easily make people ashamed of how small they are, cause his is big
need to know anything else?


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Re: Ban Goku
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[20:04] <&butjam> .seen TheMessiah
[20:04] <&fapfire> Looking for yourself, eh butjam?

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Can we all just play the game and have a bit of fun please.
Angry butjam is best butjam.