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Planets Under Attack [PC Version]
« on: April 26, 2015, 12:49:11 pm »

Planets Under Attack is a game similar to Galcon.


Planets Under Attack:

It comes across as a story based version with enhanced graphics. The games are relatively quick, multiplayer is very basic; its only a single map and you can have up to 4 players at a time, and you compete to conquer every planet, king of the hill, capture the flags and so on. It is a very fun arcade feeling game that can keep you entertained for 20-30 minutes if you're after a quick gaming fix.

It however is lacking in much of a multiplayer community, its not a very well advertised game and therefore lacks that buzz around it. It regularly goes cheap on steam and is definitely worth a purchase if this is one of your genres you play. (I'd be happy to play with you.)

In-game the mechanics are slightly more complex compared to galcon. You can turn planets into different specialisations, for example; city planets which produce ships, banking planets which produce cash for you every so often, and last but not least fortress planets, that shoot enemies as they enter the range of the fortress planet.

Certain planets can receive additional upgrades to make them more powerful. Fortress planets can be made stronger and their range and damage increases with each upgrade. City planets when upgraded produce more ships and store more ships. Banking planets cannot be upgraded, but banking planets produce cash regardless of if you're sending ships out to attack or not.

Sending ships out to attack halts your income except banking planet income. This is a nifty mechanic as it means you cannot continually send out waves of ships unless you have a banking planet or seize attacking to recover. This adds a new level of difficulty.

The AI is relatively aggressive, the aliens as the key example are focuses entirely on killing you. You can play as humans, robots and more. Each with their own special bonuses. To top it off you have a skill tree which enables you to purchase little boosts to enhance your gameplay.

Overview of pros and cons:
-Unique mechanics.
-Different races.
-Skill tree.
-Has singleplayer campaign.
-Multiplayer is simple to play.
-Quick gameplay.
-Relatively quick to grasp the concept after playing the first few campaign missions.
-On sale regularly.
-Simple yet sweet.

-Multiplayer is lacking community.
-Multiplayer games are single maps that end quickly.
-Isn't worth the full price, best to purchase on sale.
-Sometimes boring after you've played too much.
-Can be received as ill advertised.
-Comes across as unfinished in terms of customisation.

The game is definitely worth a try if this is a genre you enjoy. Only buy it when its on sale. I give it 6/10 panda hearts.


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Re: Planets Under Attack [PC Version]
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Read the story I'm telling you I know that it is best for me.