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Elite Dangerous
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Elite Dangerous

I like this game.

I liked the original when it came out in 1984 and I played it with my dad on my Acorn Electron. 

I also liked the Frontier follow-up that I played on my Commodore Amiga - a game that seemed way ahead of its time in terms of depth and playability.

So I when I played this on recommendation from a friend, I hoped they’d do it justice and they did!

Elite is a Space Trader/Explorer/Bounty Hunter/Pirate game that is set in our galaxy.

There are quite literally, billions of star systems you can visit in a variety of different ships, all of which feel different to fly.

You can explore, bounty hunt, pirate, mine, trade or get involved in the intergalactic rivalries between the Empire, the Federation and the Alliance.  The graphics and sound are impressive and there is multiplayer support so you can form ‘wings’ with your bros and create mayhem.

Indeed, what you get up to in-game will have an effect on an ‘organic’ galaxy, where systems can be traded between factions over influence and war. 

The down side?  Well, it’s one of those games where there’s no real way of winning.  Yes, you can buy the best ship or yes, you can become ‘elite’ in combat etc., but there is no classical way of ‘winning’ – and this may put others off.

Elite Dangerous
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