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Mortal Kombat X [PC Version] [18+]
« on: April 29, 2015, 10:41:30 pm »

Mortal Kombat X is a well known fighting game that was released just a few weeks ago. The game is the tenth major game that has been released as part of the Mortal Kombat franchise and is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions being ported ready for a late 2015 release.
As is the same with all Mortal Kombat games, the main aim of the game is to one player to fight another in an attempt to defeat them by using various moves, "kombos", brutalities, and fatalities, in order to deal damage to them. Most game modes are played as a best of 3 with a standard timer of 90 seconds.

Now on to the main review...

The game features several different modes that can be played, let's start with singleplayer game modes; in regards to singleplayer, there is obviously a story mode, this is accompanied by a single fight mode (arcade mode in effect), a towers mode, and a test your luck mode.

Story Mode:
The story mode is well thought out and (from what I have played thus far) has an elaborate plot featuring both settings in the Outworld and the Earthrealm. This mode features various interactive cut-scenes that involve pressing buttons as they appear on the screen, however, missing the button pressing can have implications that are shown in the cut-scenes and that effect the arena that you fight in, and the overall story itself. Whilst some of the fights are a tad on the difficult side, it offers players a challenge that proves to not be impossible to beat.

Moving on to the single fight mode, there is not much to say. It does what it says in the name, it allows you to set up a fight against an AI controlled character for whatever purpose you wish. This can be a great alternative to practice mode if you wish to learn new kombos

Now we get on to the towers mode, the singleplayer game mode that I personally have found the most enjoyment from. There are three options after selecting the towers game mode, with traditional towers, living towers and challenge towers being the options available. For those who have never played towers modes before in Mortal Kombat, they basically force you to try and defeat a set number of (different) opponents using the same character for each fight, you are then awarded a score based on the number of moves, kombos, etc. that you pull off during the tower fights.

Towers Mode:
The traditional towers are good for those who want a nostalgic feeling and want to play against characters that have been in the Mortal Kombat franchise for a long period of time (Scorpion, Reptile, Sub Zero, etc.). The living towers are towers that are randomly generated every few hours, days (or even each week) so people can test their skill against players from all around the globe without directly fighting them, but rather by judging their score against the scores of others. Finally, the challenge towers, now this is by far the game mode that I have spent the most amount of time playing (YES, even more than singleplayer). It offers a change from the standard towers as it forces you to fight 5 different opponents with RANDOM MODIFIERS for each fight. Now, some of these modifiers have just been plain stupid and p*ssed me off to the extent of forcing me to ragequit, however, some of the modifiers are inspired from moments of development genius. Who ever thought that having a 15 second round timer, or a 1hp health bar could make a fighting game such an enjoyable genre to play? I certainly did not. The best part of challenge towers however, is the fact that you can then challenge your friends to beat your score that you achieved, and sometimes, when you know that you have had a really good tower, the additional satisfaction you get from beating your friends at the same time cannot be matched!

* Living Towers *

There is not really too much to say in regards to multiplayer. There are the expected 1v1, best of 3 fights, a 3v3/5v5 team fight system and a King of The Hill game mode. In my opinion, the only major issue with the multiplayer side of the game is the inexcusably horrific job that was done on the net-code. Despite the fact that this has been sorted to an extent, the lag can still disrupt games and waste a lot of potential playing time.

King of The Hill:
Just a brief explanation of King of The Hill will suffice. The mode is winner stays on with it yet again being best of 3. Players who can stay on for a prolonged period of time and manage to get a winning streak as "King" gain bonus experience and "koins" for winning even more games, offering more of an incentive to win. One suggestion I would have made to NetherRealm would have been to change the character selection system so that the King has to play as the same character until they have been defeated. This is because at the current moment, the King can simply counter pick every opponent they face. Others who are in the lobby can spectate the games in real-time. Overall, this game mode is most players favourite in the multiplayer zone of MKX, and it is easy to see why.

Additional Information:
Now that the main two sections of the game have been covered, I can finally move on to the additional features that make up the remaining 50% of the overall game, as well as adding some in-depth analysis of the game mechanics, etc.

Faction Wars:
The addition of faction wars into the MKX franchise has been a bit of a shambles to say the least. This mode enables players to jojn one of five factions: Lin Kuei, White Lotus, Black Dragon, Special Forces or the Brotherhood of Shadow. Each faction is headed by a couple of specific characters from the game in an attempt to showcase which fighting style(s) each faction is intended to represent. Now, because Lin Kuei is headed by the well-known Sub Zero, a large proportion of the overall player population joined them on launch. This in itself has created a huge imbalance that has led to Lin Kuei winning the most "faction wars" - these being where members of a faction get faction experience (points) for beating -in multiplayer mode- those who belong to other factions. Although the developers have since patched this in an attempt to restore balance, the Lin Kuei faction still remains highly dominant and only receives the occasional challenge from White Lotus (the 2nd most populated faction).

* Lin Kuei OP? *

The Krypt:
Another outstanding feature that was added in by NetherRealm. This acts a 3-dimensional way to unlock special kombos, skins and concept art rewards using koins. Players enter the krypt, which is set in a cemetery, and traverse it, breaking headstones using koins in order to unlock the rewards. Some rewards are just plain amazing, specifically the skins and the fatalities, however the concept art unlocks are usually considered to be the worst rewards, mainly due to their lack of contribution towards gameplay itself. While I vow not to divulge any of the best parts of this game (in order to maintain suspense/excitement), I will say this, the krypt is one creepy place to hang around...that is all on that.

Game Engine:
The game engine itself deserves a lot of praise. Whilst most PC gamers will find the requirements of running MKX on even the lowest of settings to be hard, it is graphically impeccable. The beauty of this game is undeniable and is on par with most AAA games that are available at this current time. The particles are the main issue and can cause hardware lag to become an issue, however, if you can run the game at even medium settings, you will soon see what true beauty looks like.

* A thing of beauty *

-> Carries on the Mortal Kombat franchise in excellent fashion
-> Tower modes are good for both new and veteran players
-> Interactive krypt adds a game within the main game
-> Fatalities and x-ray moves look amazing (and gory)
-> Multiple ways to play each character
-> Interactive arenas add A LOT to fights
-> Solid fighting game engine

-> Multiplayer net-code has reliability issues that can ruin games
-> Some kombos can be spammable to too much of an extent
-> Faction wars still lack balance
-> Remembering kombos can feel like a chore
-> Lesser known characters are not played enough in multiplayer
-> AI can sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) be impossible to defeat
-> Tower modifiers can be a bit too harsh

Rating and Seal of Approval?
8/10 Rating. This game definitely gets the LS Seal of Approval and is an excellent addition to the Mortal Kombat franchise, and it is quite possibly the greatest addition yet.
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