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Don't Starve Together [PC Version]
« on: April 30, 2015, 12:11:15 am »

Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer version of Don't Starve. A vastly played survival game with a unique hand drawn texture style.



-Dying; not the classical approach to dying at all. If you die you have the option to resurrect yourself. This can be achieved via a resurrection stone circle which can be found on the map somewhere (the map is randomised) or by using a telltale heart on the deceased, which is craftable ingame.

When you die you come back as a ghost, all ghosts are styled after the many characters available to play.

A picture showing some of the ghosts styled after their characters.


-Hunger; You must keep your character well fed as well as assisting others on the server to do the same. Starving will result in health being lost and you dying.

-Sanity; Your sanity keeps you safe, especially at night. The more insane you go the more dangerous the world becomes. If your sanity is low at night time, the shadows from the darkness will most likely stretch arms outs to grab you or send in monsters to attack you. (Yes, shadows can literally attack you.)

-Health; This is the simplest one and also one of the hardest to get back up. If you take damage this goes down, there are several ways to get it back up, the easiest is to eat petals, but eating petals heals very little.


The whole aim of the game. Apart from eating, keeping sane and keeping health up. You will also need to fight, gather resources, explore and build.

-Gathering resources; There is almost a limitless amount of things you can gather, however some are limited in amount forcing you to ration or preserve resources and even farming things like food, spider web silk and so on. Resources help you eat, build defences and enhance your ability to explore. You'll need specific tools for certain tasks. Mining requires a pick, and the rocks that you can mine on the surface are limited so being careful how you spend the resources they give you is a must. Cutting down trees requires an axe, trees drop different things depending on their type and size. Small trees drop only a log or two, while larger trees drop multiple logs and another item or two that allows you to plant more trees. The ability to plant 2 or more trees for each you cut down makes it able to keep them as renewable.

-Exploring; Key to your survival. Exploring the world for new resources and more of the same. Food can be found, from carrots and berries to whacking a mole and chasing a peacock to kill it. (No joke you actually go around whacking moles and chasing peacocks.) There are a few landscapes on the surface to explore, from graveyards and swamps (with tentacles that come up from the from to attack you.) to plains filled with rabbits and forests sometimes filled with pig men in little houses. These pig men will attack hostile mobs that come close. The pig men will also attack the Webber character as he is a monster (A spider, however as a counter to this, spiders will not attack Webber.)

-Fighting; One of the trickiest parts of the game, its not always easy to grasp how hard something will hit you. There are ways to defend yourself however, via constructing armour, weapons and other trinkets. You will encounter frogs that will attack you in mobs, tall birds which guard their eggs and will chase and smash you to pieces if you take it. (If you get the egg and raise it, moving it to the fire at night and moving it away from the fire during the day you can make it hatch into a little birdy for you to look after. You have to feed it.) Killing mobs does give you a upside. They can drop loot, and sometimes this loot is invaluable to your survival.

-Building; Building stuff is the only way to continue to survive past the first night. You use several machines to construct more advanced stuff. You can make basic tools without such machines so you can start off fine. The science machine is the key to building new stuff. To build new stuff you have to fulfil the needed materials and then prototype the thing you desire to make and it unlocks it for future use.

You can build fires to generate light so at night you're not left in the darkness to be attacked by everything. You can also build walls to protect you. Armour to defend your person, weapons to fight back and things like the crock pot to cook up more fulfilling food.

A few other things; Setting fire to trees will burn them and cutting them down after this will give you charcoal, which is used in recipes and for fuel. (So far the best fuel is a plank of wood, the fire lasts an entire night on one plank.)

Shaving; The game features a razor so the characters that can grow a beard can shave. Webber grows a silky beard that when shaved off produces spiders silk.


There are multiple playable characters in game. (You can add more via mods.) They all have unique traits; some are beneficial while some are not. As an example of this, Wolfgang.

The more hunger he has fulfilled the stronger he is, as pictured above. This additional strength from being well fed is countered by his fear of the dark and monsters, meaning his sanity level drops more as a consequence in these circumstances.

These are the default characters ingame.

Another interesting character is Willow, she's a pyromanic that loves to set fire to everything.

If Willow has low insanity she will literally set fires all the time, this can cause your base to be destroyed or enter forests.


The able to add mods to the game opens up vast options. You are able to make the game much easier for yourself or drastically harder.

As an example of easier, some mods add AFKable objects, like tents so you can hide away while you leave to go to the toilet or grab a unhealthy snack. Or turrets that automatically defend your base from intruders.

The way mods can make it harder is by adding new mobs, tougher requirements to feed yourself, heavier recipes to meet and so on.

One of the best things mods add are additional characters, all of the added ones are unique to some extent, all with benefits and downsides. Some have larger benefits and some have giant downsides.


The graphics are a unique hand drawn fashion. Although it has a cartoony feel, its a very dark and twisted theme.

You are able to change the angle of the camera to see behind the obstructed areas due to a 2.5D appearance.


-Is multiplayer.
-You can enable and disable PVP, adding a new way to play. (team warfare, free for all and so on.)
-Mods can make it easier and/or harder.
-The game offers already built in difficulty modifiers. (This includes, more food spawns, larger or smaller land, less or more mobs and so on.)
-Offers a unique graphics style.
-Replayability due to randomised worlds.
-All craftable stuff is outlined as you go along.
-Becomes  more challenging the longer you survive.
-The story behind each character in the game by default is well written and developed enough to enjoy the lore.
-Is in Beta so can be improved by feedback.
-Having multiple people playing alongside you enables all to take on specific tasks, lifting the grind feel.
-Servers can open and close whenever, the worlds are saved, so continuing is easy. (There is a chance that the world could be deleted or the server not work again, but I've yet to encounter this.)
-If they stopped development the game would be playable as a complete game.
-The singleplayer game is still updated.

-Can come across as having a high learning curve.
-Can become too difficult.
-Has some lag issues due to it being in Beta.
-Mods aren't always compatible and can end in crashes. (Expected with all mods.)
-Can be perceived as a weird game.
-Is in Beta so the game could change dramatically, and could be for the worse. (Personal preferences.)
-Can become irritating if unable to pass a certain point.
-Although replayable, can become tiresome to repeat the same tasks over and over. (Mods do counter this to some extent.)
-Servers are sometimes unreliable due to Beta and internet connections. (Someones ping being too high, this can be countered by mods.)

Overall the game is enjoyable, challenging and inclusive, as its community is large and active. Although during its Beta stage its unstable sometimes, it is generally playable.

I give it 8/10 panda hearts. Replayable and multiplayer, whats not to love. It's also on steam as a bundle, the bundle gives you Don't Starve, The Giants DLC and Don't Starve Together.

(If anyone gets the game and is interested in playing with others in the community, feel free to message me as I currently play it with another member of the community.)