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"ZOMBIES!" Post-Apocalyptic RP
« on: May 18, 2015, 04:05:24 pm »

"ZOMBIES!" is a post-apocalyptic style light-roleplay that of course has zombies at its core, as well as being set in the city of Bobloville. You can choose to survive in either a lone wolf solo style, or track down and join a group of friends to work together to kick some zombie ass and survive collectively.

I aim to get 8 players for this and will leave the signups open until Thursday, so that the game is ready for turn 1 to commence on Thursday evening. Turns will occur daily and will usually take place in the evening, so ensure you get on at least once a day to do your stuff.

The Basics:

1. Signing up requires the creation of a character and a short backstory that details how your character came to be a survivor in the zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic city of Bobloville.

2. Each character can move a maximum of 2 grids per turn and diagonal movements only count as a single movement each (movement energy = 2). Groups can split up sometimes and will still be more likely to survive the night safely so long as the members are only 1 grid apart.

3. In addition to movement energy, characters also get 2 SE (scavenging energy) per turn and can choose to focus their energy in ANY single/combination of the following departments: medical, food/water, weapons and/or crafting materials.

4. Characters consume 1 food AND 1 water per turn. If they do not have enough to fulfil this need (you need both, food OR water is NOT enough!) then they will lose 1 ME and 1 SE per turn they do not receive them. If a player hits 0 SE and 0 ME regeneration per turn, then they die.

5. Each turn will yield a dilemma that a character must face, the effects of their choice will have some sort of impact on their adventure, whether that is a positive or negative impact is up to you...

The Map:

Simple Character Template:
Zaphod: "LongShotzZ is slightly better than mediocre."
Sir Rex: "You know you're in deep shit when you have to ask LongShotzZ to bail you out!"
Mwcerberus: "If I had to pick between fighting 50 duck-sized LongShotzZ's or 1 horse-sized LongShotzZ I think I'd have to get my gun and kill all 51."