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Fantasy Life [3DS]
« on: June 04, 2015, 10:13:06 pm »

Fantasy Life is a fun little RPG avaliable on the 3DS. The game features a job/class system with each being know as a Life. (Hence the name)

The fun of the game, which I spent over 100 hours on while putting off other games comes simply from faffing around. Each of the Lifes comes with thier own unique skills and stat boost but everything can really be done in any Life. The benefit of using set lifes for each activity comes with bonus experiance with simple example being if you forge weapons are armour you will obtain more xp as a blacksmith than in any other life.

This works really well as the game plays out based on the actions you take and what you want to do at that moment. You can spend hours doing nothing and all that nothing adds up to something great.

Speaking of lives,

The lives on offer really come down to 3 types

The combat ones:

Paladin - Comes with the shield and sword skills (defult weapon usable by all class is dagger) and is basicly easy mode offering high health and defense boosts and ther shield offering even more survivability.
Mercanary - Comes with the great sword skill and is the normal mode, focused on dealing damage with a sword as big as you are.
Hunter - Comes with the bow skill and is a strong ranged life that can inflict status effects. A little harder than merc against larger enemies but is much easier if you choose to use a party
Mage - Comes with the magic skill and 4 elements. Ice magic has longest range, Wind magic has piercing attacks, Fire is the balance of the two while Earth is healing. This is the hardest class to use especially early on as even basic attacks use up SP (what is capped at 100) what means you need to spend lots of money funding SP potions.

The Crafting ones:

Blacksmith - Used to create melee weapons (Dagger, Sword, Greatsword) Most armour and the tools used for the non combat classes like your own Smith hammer.
Carpenter - Used to create the ranged weapons (bows and staves) and some tools the blacksmith doesn't make. Carpenter also creates furnature that can be used to decorate the homes you can obtain.
Tailor - Used to create clothes and cloth materials that can be used in the other lives.
Cook - Used to create foods that have healing and stat boosting effects.
Alchemist - can create healing and status restoring items as well as bombs that can be used in battle. They also create accessorys.

The Resourse Gathering ones:

Miner - Mines ores for the blacksmith to be used and gems for the alchemist to use
Woodcutter - Chop down trees for logs the carpenter can make use of
Angler - Fish some fish that can be used by the chef.

You can switch to any life at any time by returning to the guild office and doing so. Each life can also be leveled by doing set quests such and bringing certain bountrys to the guild clerk, creating certain items of high quality, doing certain tasks like mine 100 times or simply by killing a certain monster or a set amount of them.

Some class missions can only be done while playing as that Life but most can be done as any life allowing you to run around doing what you want to do when you want to do it. To that the biggest hinderance is the story. The story itself is not that long but as you are running around exploring you quickly find areas locked off or you are unable to obtain items you need till later forcing you to stop and go progress the story what is really the games biggest hinderance as the story is the games biggest flaw to the poing before each story mission you are basicly told what will happen in a sentance or two then you are left to play it out.

The second biggest flaw is on nearing the end of the game you come accross a traveling merchant as you will have many times before but this one will will tell you to come back when you have purchased the DLC. That coupled with how empty the game is after you beat the story with nothing new or challenging avaliable just makes it feel like the prologue, the real end game content was all purposly cut just to be sold seperate.

All in all it's a really enjoyable game. I have left out quite a bit of info of what is avaliable such as houses, pets, mounts, and multiplayer partys as well as details on the crafting mini games what can be quite enjoyable but get repetitive by end game but the more you level the crafting skills the faster you are able to do each one so it all balances out. While all tasks gain experiance for leveling up (I'd recomend a balanced spread as each stat effect many things and the stat page only lists about half of what each stat is used for) as your base level is diffrent from your life level as base level only effects stats while Life level will let you obtain new weapon skills (tip. Mashing attack button hinders. 5 well timed presses works better than mashing it 40 times) that help a lot in taking down larger monsters.

Final words on the game are it's a game you do nothing in for hours and it results in you being amazing. mine some ore, turn that into an ignot then into a sword then find a monster you dislike the face of and smack it around. You probly know if you like this kind of thing or not so will know if you will like it. In addition to this, being on 3DS means it's portable what is great if you travel a lot or even just if your most comfy chair is away from everything.

I may have forgot to cover something in the review I ment to but if I was to give the game a numerical score it would probly be about a 7/10. Recomended if you have a 3DS.


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Re: Fantasy Life [3DS]
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it looks amazingly awesome, but ds costs money
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