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Splatoon [Wii U]
« on: June 05, 2015, 09:56:47 pm »

Splatoon is a new IP and an intresting take on the third person shooter genre of games. Playing as the inklings what are humanoid evolutions of squid who after defeating the octolings (octopus evolutions) in a great war because they forgot to plug in thier ultimate doom weapon they convert thier weapons into super soakers filled with thier own ink and take part in the traditional 4 vs 4 paintball combat. Yeah that's basicly the whole story as it;s really just a quick...this is why this is happeneing.

The main game is the online multiplayer mode. As mentioned it's 4 vs 4 matches with the goal being to cover the map in your teams colour. While that should be the key focus thier is important benefits in going after other players as not only does it stop them covering the map for a while as they respawn they also explode on death  basicly undoing some of their recent work. Matches only last around 3 minutes but with map size and the speed you can move around in squid form it allows for fast pace  combat and getting in and out of the combat quickly.

There is also a veriety of weapons avaliable. Mainly the Splattershots, what are the automatic gun types, Chargers what are like snipers firing paint in a long line and Rollers what is melee weapon and so over powered as it instant kills anyone it touches will coating the entire map quickly. There are also loads of sub weapons such as ink bombs, inkzukas, ink sprinklers and even an ink air strike to name a few.

Sadly the veriety also leads to one of the games major issues, Balance. In Splatoon you gain access to new and better equipment as you level. Especially the weapons that are locked out until you reach the set level what becomes the issues when weapons like the Ink Air strike are invloved as the game has no match making. This means you could start the game, be put in a team with 3 other level 1 players (you can't even access the shops to improve starting gear till level 4) vs a team of 4 level 20 weilding the games strongest weapons. This issue doesn't seem to balance out unless you are really lucky in match making, just as time goes on you become the one with the strong gear facing the ones who don't. Hopefully now that rank mode has been added (few days ago) this will improve but for now it is a bit of an issue.

But it is far from the main issue. The games main problem and what is ruining it is the connection issues. Unlike competetors, Nintendo don't really have an online service. What on one hand means free online play online XBL and PSN but on the other more apparent hand, mixed with Nintendo always underestimating how popular thier games are means horrible servers what leads to a lot of lag, connection errors, disconnect and some times not even recognising you being connected at all. While the fist issue is a small annoyance the servers are really what is ruining an other wise highly enjoyable game.

Other than the main mode there is a short yet enjoyable single player mode where you face off against the Octolings to save the electic fish thing that powers your city. It's really just a nice way to teach you the basics about the game (even though it contains things not included in the multiplayer mode) but where it really shines is in the boss battles what combine the fun of battle with figuring out how to beat them.


it's just a disapoinetment that there is so few bosses avaliable but then again the games main focus is the multiplayer so it's not very supprising.

In the end really it's a good game, really enjoyable but is completely let down with the connection issues. Sadly this seems to be more of a nintendo issue than a game issue so I don't see it really being addressed, it drags a 6/10 game, maybe ever a 7/10 game down to about 4/10 what is a real shame as when everything runs well it is great fun.