Author Topic: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution [PC/PS3/360]  (Read 5266 times)


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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (NSUNSR from now on) is that game in a series where the sourse material isn't far enough ahead from the last game to justify making another but the series is popular and selling well so the publishers won't let you not make another one right away even when aware there's nothing to work with and no one has any ideas on how to make this next game fun.

The last game in the series ended with a fantasy ending as the series was in the middle of a long final arc what I believe still wasn't done by the time this game hit shelves. So having no new story to work with they decided to gut the whole thing removing the story almost fully replacing them with a short non canon story of thier own about...

And some past based storys about what happened in events that really go unexplained in the series.

The games main mode this time instead of story mode is some like of tournament to prove who is the strongest except it isn't really a tournament at all. It just gives you a small area to run around in to do fetch quests, answer questions and battle people to recruit them so they can be used as allys in the "Tournament" where the games new addition awaits.

This new addition is Orb battles. The idea behind this battle is a 4 person free for all where you all battle for around one minute with orbs falling out of anyone hit, with larger orbs for harder hits. However with the games simplistic fighting style and the weak AI in an attempt to simulate difficulty, as the battle is you and 3 CPU opponents it quickly becomes 3 vs one.

The one you are trying to fight will constantly fleeing as you chase.
One Chasing you landing hits when ever you stop for a second to attack or anything.
and a 3rd who stand in the distance frowing projectiles at you to stun you for a second letting opponent one get away and opponent two to land some hits.

All of this can of course be combined with stun locking so the battles are really not fun but at the same time, orbs don't go to the attacker and just lay around the battlefield so you can just constantly collect them and still win even in 3 vs one without much difficulty.

It becomes comical on the hardest S+ difficulty where the enemy are all in thier op awakened forum...what also makes many of them giant and they just get in thier own way.

Outside of Orb battles however the same fun, simplistic gameplay is avaliable (even if it still isn't balanced at all).  Battle styles come in 3 variations. Ultimate Jutsu what gives you access to powerful special attacks, Awakening type that has characters become more powerful for a while, even taking new forms and drive type what allows you to throw allies at people and use them as shields. All combos are done with a single button (B for physical characters, X for range characters) and gotten around with escape jutsu (blocking with correct timing). Battles are fast pace and are normally quite fun, especially vs other players.

Sadly at least in my experiance with the PC version, the Online play is horrible. Be it horrible netcode or just the normal region/pc performance issues causing the lag the online can be quite unplayable at times what was a huge disapointment for me as I has a lot of fun playing online with my trusty Zabuza in the earlier versions on consoles.

In the end as basicly said at the start the game was a disapointing quick cash out what could have been benefited by just waiting for the series to end (what it now has...sorta...) as this addition really only adds an unenjoyable new game type and I think an extra character or two but I would be hard pressed to point out who they are (as it's been a long time since I played the previous one)

Score wise I would give it a 3/10. Would be a 4/10 if the online works but yeah. Wouldn't recomend it. Grab an older one that would be cheaper and have an actual story more...or the next one what should have full story and ever more characters...of course that's just a guess. This game, with it's lack of story mode really isn't for anyone but fans of naruto...not even really fans of fighting games. A game enjoyable at times but really disapointing.