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Sanctum (PC - Steam]
« on: June 30, 2015, 11:29:13 pm »

A first person shooter tower defense, a twist to both genres. You fight aliens in waves and steadily build and upgrade towers and/or your weapons.

In the game you have multiple guns, shotgun, sniper and blaster. There are multiple towers too, gatling guns, air turrets. There are mobs that are just on the ground and mobs that attack from the sky too.

The goal is to defend a core, which if entered by mobs will decrease its health, if you let it get to 0, it explodes and you lose.

You get points for how well you do, which adds to the competitive side, excellent for multiplayer.

-good mechanics.
-nice graphics.
-excellent on multiplayer.
-short games means quick fun and games then carry on with your life.
-has a skill tree to some extent.

-can get repetitive.
-can come across as slightly lacking in terms of progression.