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« on: September 03, 2015, 08:12:33 pm »

In light of recent retarded events and much discussion between Rodney, MIK and Myself we have decided to run Diakun for CP in ESO. Since Diakun is not active in eRepublik I have decided to make the cabinet for him! MIK also described him as "He puts the Homo in Homogenisation"

21:41   MIK24   We just need sexually deprived gay's running the eUK
21:41   MIK24   That's why we need Diakun

vCP - Rodney McKay

Since is a at least active (to a degree) and his previous experience running a MU and Navy it makes. He's relitivly smart considering he plays this game and he'll be busy with uni soon so he'll be even less active. Excellent!

MoFaPing (Ministry of Fighting and Producing aka MoD) - Sir Jimmy and FightAndProduce

I've been MoD for the last 4 terms so I may as well go for a 5th. I also have some money for CO's and maybe a comp or two :P

MoFaPing will keep Diakun's army up to date with his sexy orders and infinite supply of q7 weapons. All MU's will become subject to his will, whip and handcuffs! Under the guidance of  his will, whip and handcuffs, eUK will be free of Slovenia and Canada!

"Who doesn't love a guy in an army Uniform" - Diakun loyalist

MoT (Ministry of Taxing aka MoF)- Bob Bloggs

He's been managing my money for a while now and considering I pay him 150cc to do it he does a poor job!

Bob's job will be to make sure taxes are as high as they can be and to make sure that we have enough money to support Diakun "Deprived" needs. By the end of the term we hope to have no money left in the country and a mountain of anime videos for Diakun to watch.

MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Anime) - AaronMDaniels and Mr Immanuel Kant

In order to get support from other parties we had to bribe them with cabinet seats in this glorious term! AMD will be leading the team with MIK as an overseer

Their job is to go to other countries and find the rare q7 anime. On their journey they may as well strengthen friendships with our allies and find weak spots in our enemies for the MoFaPing to hit!

MoMPWH (Making People Watch Hentia aka MoE) - CheetahCurtis and MS10LE

We were running out of ideas and this is our best shot at making MoE more entertaining to the newer (and older players ;)). I also put Curtis here cause I thought he'd he'd hate this job.

This unpleasant fun and highly entertaining job will involve instructing newplayers how to truly appreciate Diakun's rule. And in some cases they may have to re-educate people how to be like Diakun.

PLE (Panda Law Enforcement) - PandaToby, Mr Cherry and Devilslore

We needed something to keep the population in line. This is our answer.

Diakun has given us special permission to create the PLE. PLE will be monitoring all articles, shouts, pm's or any other form of communication to make sure that no one tries to remove Lord Diakun from power. They are allowed to use any mean necessary to ensure the populations stay as Diakuns worshipers!

If an someone is found guilty of breaking any of Diakun's laws then the will be sent to MoMPWH for "re-education"

Please note that this is not a serious campaign for CP. This is actually a mess up on ESO'd and when our retarded glorious leader MIK accidently made Diakun a CP candidate and couldn't remove him!

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Re: Diakun4CP
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best ever
Nymeus - 5:56 PM
I've got a picture of diakun and his dick
he can easily make people ashamed of how small they are, cause his is big
need to know anything else?

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Re: Diakun4CP
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If rodney was more active this isn't a bad cabinet XD

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Re: Diakun4CP
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Norse News:

"I like your ass."
-Cicero (to Pompey)

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Re: Diakun4CP
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No Kevin = Bad Cabinet.
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