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Tertias Senatus Consultum (Irish War Games)
« on: May 11, 2017, 10:50:38 pm »
Tertius Senatus Consultum (Third Senate Decree)

Wargames with the Republic of Ireland

Approved unanimously by the Senate, Day 3457
‘Natural Enemy’ awaiting approval by the Plebeian Assembly

The Republic of Ireland and the Republic of Great Britain, Belgium and Northern Ireland agree to a friendly training war. The purpose of this TW is to allow the citizens of both Republics a chance to gain medals from a friendly war, to allow the continued growth and friendship between the two Republics, as well as help grow our individual economies.

The Terms:-
This training war will start once eIreland declares the eUK as a Natural Enemy (NE).

Training war will be coordinated between the governments of Ireland and UK.

Irish and UK resources regions will be excluded from the battle grounds. Regions are: Cork and Mayo, Yorkshire & Humberside, SE of England, South of England, NE of England, Scotland, NW of England.

During the TW, taxes will be returned to the originating country.

Training War will be a long term one, however if 3rd party interference happens (ie. Ireland is ASed by a hostile nation), discussions will take place to try and prevent a wipe/end of the TW.

The TW process will be: eIreland launches a Direct Attack (DW) against eUK. This will secure the first region. Once eIreland launches the 2nd DW, eUK will start a Resistance War (RW) to reclaim the region.

Congress/Plebeian Assembly: Both nations will work together to ensure that they have the required seats for congress.

Both nations understand that outside factors might influence the battle plans. These will be taken into account and sorted out via dialogue.

There will be a further announcement later today regarding the necessary 'Raising of the Legions'.

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