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Quintus Senatus Consultum (Foreign Affairs)
« on: May 11, 2017, 10:58:40 pm »
Quintus Senatus Consultum (Fifth Senate Decree)

Reopening the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Confirmed by the Princeps Senatus, Day 3458

Given Aaron Mark Daniels has predictably failed to give us a summary of his work as former MoFA several days since we asked for it…

Our new Chief Liar is the infamous Paul Tyndale, who if you have the time would be delighted with your help in re-establishing this former ‘one man department’.

There is apparently quite a lot going on in the world at the moment. And we’ll try (and probably fail) to again honour the old commitment to investigate, protect our interests and inform as best we can throughout the process.

Contrary to the ‘one man’ philosophy that has closed this department off for the last several months, we’d like to inject some of the random activity created in the last few days into this severely neglected public function.

If you’ve formerly lived in another country or know the people over there then you could make this rather mammoth-sized job easier :3

If you do indeed have 10mins or so to spare every now and then drop Paul Tyndale a few lines and we’ll get started.

We’ll be inviting long-time foreign officials to our discord @the Senate so it’s easier to ‘have a chat’.

Should be an article out on military reform after Chaz and I have finished the CO spending plans and other details for MoD stats sometime this evening o7

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