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Sextus Senatus Consultum (Raising the Legion)
« on: May 11, 2017, 10:59:33 pm »
Sextus Senatus Consultum (Sixth Senate Decree)

Raising of the Legions

Confirmed by the Praetor for War, Day 3458

With the beginning of our Irish Wargames we will be testing over the next month the best ways to encourage our fighters to hit where we and our allies are most needed. Historically our damage has been all over the place – we hope with flexible COs set with a stronger system of communication this can begin to be addressed and set up a long-term plan to properly fund fighting efficiently.

Campaign Orders

UK Citizens Only
- By utilising the advanced option we can ensure rewards go only to our own citizens.

Fair(ish) Rates
- Rates will be set so hopefully players earn around the same return for their efforts with higher rates in lower divisions.

Easy to Monitor
- Expenses are easy to track through COs. This will help identify where improvements are needed.

Damage Concentration
- A base rate of COs will be placed on the most important campaign (CoTD) daily with increased rates in the most important battles. By offering a cash incentive this should increase our presence and damage in important rounds.

- By putting money into players pockets we will be investing taxes back into the community and rewarding activity. The COs will be on top of regular supplies and the cash can therefore be used to wherever the player sees fit.

Opt In/Activity
- Players merely need to fight in the right battles and click a button to receive the cash, removing unnecessary 'red tape' or workload on the MoD. It also means the rewards are going to players actively fighting.


In-game communication

MoD Orders

- Due to the increase in media activity and rate of supplies MoD articles will now be published daily.

- We’re looking for a few more gents to help us make sure it’s properly updated throughout the day.

- Daily supplies are currently set at 10 Q7 Tanks, 100 Q5 food and a moving ticket if necessary.

- The Campaign of the Day will usually be set for our allies but keep an eye on the Irish TW to make sure they’re winning the direct battles (we’ll be winning the RWs).

- Statistics on our national performance will be published as more data comes in.

- We will be considering reintroducing ‘battle honours’ for those that particularly do well based on the above.

The Mails

- In addition to just having the main commanders group we’ll be setting up shop with the smaller/air focussed MUs, where orders may vary depending on strength/function.

- The Gov will try and provide an optimal weekly list to commanders for automatic orders depending on our relevant priorities.

- Voodoo has correctly pointed out we ought to include 2nd Commanders too, this will be updated o7

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