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[ESO] The New Company Module
« on: July 13, 2016, 11:00:02 pm »

This tutorial will be split up into a few sections

Section 1 - Company Page
Section 2 - Managing Employees and Working as Manager
Section 3 - Producing and Selling Products

To start creating a business you'll need to learn the basics about how to build and manage your companies and employees in eRepublik. Hopefully this tutorial will give you all the information you'll need to start your own business empire.

All words in bold are ingame items or buttons of interest.

Section 1

The first thing you'll need to do is navigate to your company page via the main menu.

Once you are there you'll need to construct a Holding Company. Holding Companies allow you to place your Normal Companies in any countries regions. So remember to do some research before building them in order to find the best spot for your companies.

Once you have found a suitable spot for your Holding Company, You can begin to construct it. Holding Companies will be constructed in you current location. So double check where you are located and move if needed. The first Holding Company if free, but after it will cost you gold.

When looking for suitable spots to locate your Holding Company, There are a few things to take into account.

1. Country Bonuses. All companies will receive a bonus depending on the country that they are located in. The bonus depends on the resources from every region connected to the capital of that country. The maximum Country Bonus is 100%

2. Regional Bonuses. Some places have more than 1 resource in them. So look out for regions that have as many of the resources that you need. The Regional Bonus will add onto you Country Bonus. So placing a Holding in region with resources will produce more than a Holding placed in a region with none.

3. Pollution. As more and more of the same company produce goods, the region becomes polluted. Polluted regions produce less than an unpolluted region. So make sure you work out whether or not it is beneficial for you to set up in that region or not first.

4. Work Tax. Countries with a high Work Tax will cost you more in labour to produce your products. This will mean that the price that you have to sell at to make a profit will be higher than Citizens who work in countries with less Work Tax.

Tip: If you are planning on making multiple Holding Companies make sure you give them good names so you can remember what they are best suited for

You'll now need to make Normal Companies to place inside your Holding Companies. To do this find your "Unassigned Companies" tab under "My Companies" and press the "Create New Company" button.

Picking the right company to start off with is essential.

Low Quality Weapons don't sell very well but High Quality Weapons will sell easy. However to produce High Quality Weapons it will cost a lot of gold.

Food Companies in general are good because Food is required for every citizen to live. And it can also be used for Air Strikes. So there will always be a demand for Food.

House Companies and Raw Material Companies produce high value products. However, you can't work as a Manager (See Section 3) in them.

Aircraft Companies are new and you can only get quality 1 aircraft companies to produce air-to-air missiles, but higher quality aircraft companies will be added to the game later.

Raw Material Companies (excluding the House and Airplanes ones) are the cheapest way to make money as they are cheap to construct the only upkeep to them is your Work Tax. So consider building these first to start your business, then work your way up to larger companies.

Now you need to assign your Normal Companies to the required Holding Company. To do this just click the button "Assign to Holding Company".

Then choose the desired Holding Company you want your Normal Company to be in.

Section 2

Now that you know how to create and place new Holding Companies and Normal Companies, I think it's time I show you how to employ people and how to make them work.

So first I'll teach you how to work as a Manager.

If you want to work as a Manager, you first have to make sure that you are in the same region as the Holding Company. If you are not in the correct region you will not be able to work as a Manager. This will be displayed by the "!" next to the Work Box.

Once you are in the correct region to work, you will be able to select each Normal Company you wish to work in individually. Working as a Manager requires 10 Energy per Normal Company. So make sure you have enough Energy to work in the required companies.

Now it's time you learn how employ other players to help produce even more products. First of all you will need to go to your Employees page by pressing the button labeled "Employees".

Once you are there, you will need to post job offers up in the job market. To do this you need to press the "+" button next to Employees. Then set the amount you wish to pay your Employees and how many Employees you want. Every Time an Employee works they produce a Work Ticket. Work Tickets can be assigned to companies to produce your products.

Some Employees will Work Overtime. So you might want to cap the amount they can earn in 1 day or they might work until you have no money left.

Look in the Job Market to see what the highest pay is before you post your Job Offer. Most players will only pick the highest pay and some people can afford to pay higher than others. If you are a new player, try to avoid employing Employees until you know you can afford them.

The image above shows a player who is Working Overtime. Most players will only work once. but there are a few out there who will work twice or more. To make sure no one works until you have no more money left I'd recommend setting the payment cap to double the wage of your normal wage.

To Fire any Employee you need to press the "-" button next to Employees, Then the Bin icon next to the player you wish to sack. This will also work to remove any Job Offers you have active in the Job Market.

Section 3

So, you now know how to work as a Manager, Employ other players and Fire your Employees. Now it's time to learn how to put it all to good use.

Work Tax. When working as a Manager you will have to pay a Work Tax. This can vary depending on the country you are in and the Companies you are working in. If you don't have enough money to pay the Work Tax you won't be able to Start Production.

Energy. When working as a Manager you will need Energy to work. For every Company you work in you will need 10 Energy. If you don't have enough Energy then you won't be able to Start Production.

Employees Assigned. When an Employee produces their Work Tickets, they can be assigned to any Company that takes them. To assign the Work Tickets simply press the little Head Icon until you have assigned the required amount of tickets. Work Tickets don't expire, so you can collect them over a few days and use them all in 1 go if you don't have enough employees to produce the required products in 1 day. If you have more Employees Assigned than Work Tickets available then you will not be able to Start Production.

Raw Materials. Raw Materials are required to make the final products in eRepublik. The cheapest way to obtain Raw Materials would be through the Market. However you could make the Raw Material Companies and become self sustaining, however this is a very expensive a long process and I would not recommend it for new players. If you don't have enough Raw Materials then you won't be able to Start Production.

Different Companies have different amount of Work Tickets they can take in 1 day. So you may need more than 1 of the same Company to produce more goods to meet the required demands. Once all the requirements are met the Start Production button will turn green and you can begin making your products.

Once you have done all your production you will see this pop up. Here are all the stats on how much you have produced or paid in Work Taxes ect.

Now to view and sell the items you have produced you'll need to go to your Storage. You can do this through the Main Menu Bar or if you are in the Companies page, you can select it via the Sub Menu Bar.

Now that you are in your Storage, you can see all the Final Products you have available to you.

Please note that not all of the Final Products can be made, sold on the Market or Donated to other players. A good example of this is that Houses and Airplanes can be sold on the market but cant be Donated, while Moving Tickets can be sold on the Market and Donated but can't be made.

Currently the only Final Products that can be made are Food, Weapons, Houses, Airplanes and certain Rockets and Boosters (See Advanced Buildings)

If you scroll down the page you will come to the Sell/Buy section. Here you can choose what Product you want to sell. The Quantity is the amount of Products you wish to sell. And the price of Products per unit. It also displays how much VAT and Import Tax (if any) per unit you will pay. So you can work out how much you need to sell at to make a profit.

When working out how much you need to make a profit you'll need you use an equation like this;

((Workers Wages x Number of Works) + Work Tax + Raw Materials = Expenses) (Expenses / Number of Products + VAT = Breakeven Point) Needs double checking!

Anything above the breakeven point should be a profit.

When selecting the product you'll also need to select the Quality of it. Each start represents "1 level" of Quality.

Once you have chosen the quantity and quality of the Product you wish to sell just hit the "Add no sale" Button to place your offer in the Market. Once your Products are sold the money should appear in your account and you'll be ready to start again the next day.

I hope this helps. Leave a comment if you are confused or would like more information!
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Re: [ESO] The New Company Module
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This is great.

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Re: [ESO] The New Company Module
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Hopefully I can get finish this one off properly and get started on the next one over the weekend. Got no idea what to do for the next tutorial. I would do Government administration but eUK uses meta so it way too complicated :L

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