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Just popping in
« on: July 25, 2019, 11:48:04 pm »
And what a sad sight has greeted me. BBH, formerly the home of all laughter and fun on the eRepublik UK forums now lies empty and dark  :cry:

What happened?

Where did everyone go?

I dunno when I'll actually check back to see if there's any replies, but I thought I'd make a post in case any of the guys from the good old days are still around (or happen to pop in for a visit like I have). I never thought the actual game was that good but I kept on playing because of the community and even now, almost a decade since I last posted anything, I still sometimes think about BBH. Arthur Wellesley summed things up pretty well in his post so I won't go on too much, other than to say I have some good memories of this place and I also feel very nostalgic as I look through the old posts.

If anyone sees this and wants to exchange contact details (or tell me there's another forum out there filled with BBH regulars) then reply or drop me a message. I hope at least a few of you will see this and if you do, I hope life is going well for you and wish you all the best for the future.

For now though I'm off because there's nobody here to offer me a cuppa
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